Achieving the Perfect Pout

Thursday, May 18, 2017

 Trying to achieve that perfect full pout while not like you've outlined your lips beyond oblivion can be extremely tricky. I'm sure many of you have also tried to master the art of the perfect pout. I've learned from trial and error and have gotten it down to a simple process that works on me as well as anyone who I've tried it on! Since I don't have the fullest lips, this process definitely creates the illusion of a much fuller pout for me. 
Along with creating an illusion of fuller lips I also want to share a product with you guys that has actually made my lips fuller over time. I've tried just about every product on the market claiming that it can make your lips grow fuller permanently and this product is the only one that actually delivers on that promise. Its the City Lips plumping gloss! If you aren't familiar with this product, its a gloss that stimulates new collagen development in the area applied. I used this gloss for a month twice daily and definitely could see a difference in my before and after shots. Another reason why I love this product is that it also plumps as soon as you apply it so it's perfect to use before creating your fuller lip look with makeup! Now that you know about this awesome plumper you can use it as part of your routine to achieving the perfect pout!

My 3 Steps for Achieving the Perfect Pout:

  1. Apply City Lips plumping gloss and allow 10 minutes for it to plump your lips then gently dab the gloss off of your lips. 
  2. Now that your lips are a bit plumper and moisturized, use a matte lip liner to line your lips, very subtly outlining the cupid's bow. Also outline the lower lip just at the middle underneath where the lip begins to fold. For the rest of the lips, just apply the lip liner on your actual lip line. Fill in the rest of lips entirely with the liner and lightly blot it with your finger tips to ensure it is smooth and even. (Here I am using Bite Beauty lip liner in the shade 050)
  3. Lastly, apply a creamy lipstick similar to the shade of your liner that is slightly translucent. This is key is making your pout look natural and not overly matte and chalky. (Here I am using MAC lipstick in Hug Me)

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