Pastel Easter Party

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter! I'm so excited to share this pastel Easter party post with you guys! I absolutely love a good party theme and organizing every detail to match said theme. For this post I'm sharing the focal point of my pastel party which is my dessert table! I knew I wanted to bake a cake and came up with this adorable bunny cake idea! I've seen the unicorn cake trend going around instagram and decided to take that idea but make the cake a bunny instead for Easter! 

I think it's so important for the cake to taste as beautiful and unique as it looks, so for this spring party I made a vanilla cake with lemon curd and buttercream filling. I've always loved this one lemon curd cake at Nordstrom cafe (if you've tried it you know how good it is!) so I decided to try making it myself! The cake is 5 layers (using 3 6in x 3in cake pans) I've shared the recipe down below!
I added some lovely Easter accents like this adorable chocolate bunny in a jar surrounded by robins eggs, these super cute plate and napkins and of course lots of easter candy, fresh blooms and light pink balloons. 

Here are a few of my tips for sticking to this pastel theme and creating a seamless dessert table!

  1. When buying Easter candy make sure you get candy that is truly pastel. For example, the Robins Egg brand robin's egg are actually quite bright so I opted for the Cadbury brand robin's eggs that are more pastel.
  2. Mix and match different pastel colors to tie your theme together. Ex: I chose pink plates but light turquoise straws.
  3. A dessert table filled with goodies always looked more pleasing than one with minimal sweets. I know this seems obvious but if you're like me and want to make all the desserts yourself it can be quite overwhelming and you may end up with less sweets on display because baking 5 desserts seems a bit too much. My advice is to make one or two of the dessert dishes yourself and buy the rest store-bought. Some things, like this easter bunny cake really have to be home made and since it takes a lot of time and effort to make I knew I wouldn't have time to make another dessert like macarons. Luckily, Trader Joes sells delicious macarons in their frozen section!

Lemon Curd Vanilla Cake Recipe:

1. Make two boxes of Vanilla Cake mix as directed in three 6in x 3in cake pans. After cooling cakes, remove from pans, wrap in plastic wrap and freeze for about 1 hour. Then remove cakes from freezing and cup of domes, and cut each layer in half.

2. Make Lemon Curd, recipe can be found here (I've tried a few recipes and this one works best for me)
3. After lemon curd has set, this could take a couple of hours, make Vanilla buttercream, recipe can be found here (tip: for truly white frosting use clear vanilla extract)
4. Assemble cake alternating filling the layers with buttercream and lemon curd. 
5. Frost cake and add eyelashes and nose. 
6. Lastly, add bunny ears and fresh flowers

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