Day at Disneyland

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Plus my secret hacks to get the most out of your trip

Mickey Macaron is from The Jolly Holiday Bakery
I recently spent a day at Disneyland and had the most magical time! I hadn't been in about three years so I wanted to be sure that I made the most out of this trip and fit in as much fun and excitement as I could! 
One of my favorite things to do at Disneyland is explore Fanstayland and Toon Town. You really feel like you're in a fairy tale in these two lands and there are so many hidden gems, secrets and magic in these two areas of the park! 
 When going to Disneyland, I love being able to just take in the magic of it all. Every detail of every building and attraction is just perfect and I love exploring the castle or even just admiring the atmosphere of each incredible land of Disneyland. It can be tough to do Disneyland in one day and be able to enjoy every aspect of it. You want to be able to go on your favorite rides, see the parades, gaze at the fireworks display while also taking time to leisurely explore all of the magic the park offers. 

Before heading up for my trip, I did all the research possible to find the best hacks, tips, tricks and secrets to save time, money and explore all the hidden gems of Disneyland. I've been to Disneyland many times throughout my life so I already knew many of these tips but I tested out some new ones myself this past trip and have put together my ultimate Disneyland hacks for you guys so you can enjoy every second at Disneyland!

My 5 Tried and Tested Disneyland Hacks:

  1. FastPasses: Use fast passes as often as possible! Getting a fastpass for a busy ride as soon as you enter the park is essential. My absolute best tip for using fast passes is to get your next fastpass right when the time slot for your current fast pass starts before going on the ride. You'll make the best use of your time this way!
  2. Parade spot: I had read that there was one spot between the matterhorn and castle that isn't roped off until 30 minutes before the parade. I was standing somewhere between the two and trying to bring up the video on my phone that I had watched that mentioned the hack. While frantically trying to do this, a Disney cast member suddenly clings a rope from one pole to the pole I was leaning against. I was next to the secret section the whole time but was on the wrong side of the pole! Once the rope is put up they do not let you climb under it, you have to go all the way around and it was already full by the time we tried! So to be sure you get the secret viewing spot for the parade, look for the popcorn cart to the right of the castle (between the matterhorn and castle) and stand to the left of the popcorn cart (if you are looking at the castle) ensuring you are in between two poles which the rope will be tied across! 
  3. Getting a cute castle picture free of the crowds: Even on a not so busy day this can be impossible to achieve! The castle can be pretty difficult to get a photo in front of without any other people in it but if you have someone hold the camera low (angling the lens up to get as much of the top of the castle as possible) and don't mind not getting a full body shot, you can get a photo like the one of me below! There were actually hoards of people around me but you would never know.
  4. Beating the Fantasyland ride waits: Ride the Fantasyland rides first! After getting your first fast pass, get on Peter Pan (which gets unbearably long waits throughout the entire day) and then ride any other Fantasyland ride you want. These rides have the shortest waits in the morning and really don't die down after the first hour the park opens.
  5. Finding characters and checking wait times: The best thing you can do for your Disney trip is to download the official Disneyland app! The app not only shows you the map but shows the current wait time of each ride, the fastpass return times and now shows which characters are going to be where and at what times! You can also set filters to search just for a certain character or go to the dining filter to see where each restaurant is on the map and bring up its menu!
 I hope these tips help you have the most magical time on your next trip to Disneyland! 

Bing Haus San Diego

Saturday, April 22, 2017

I love sharing local San Diego spots with you guys, especially when they involve coffee or sweets! I recently checked out the adorable Bing Haus cafe which serves the coolest ice cream and frozen treats! Some of their specialties are rolled ice cream, ice cream by the sea, which is soft serve served in a waffle that is shaped like a fish, and melon bingsoo, which is a yummy combo of melon balls, mochi, shaved ice, condensed milk and fun toppings! I tried the ice cream by the sea and it was so delicious not mention perfect for an insta shot! If you're looking for a fun place to get a sweet treat, be sure to check them out!

Pastel Easter Party

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter! I'm so excited to share this pastel Easter party post with you guys! I absolutely love a good party theme and organizing every detail to match said theme. For this post I'm sharing the focal point of my pastel party which is my dessert table! I knew I wanted to bake a cake and came up with this adorable bunny cake idea! I've seen the unicorn cake trend going around instagram and decided to take that idea but make the cake a bunny instead for Easter! 

I think it's so important for the cake to taste as beautiful and unique as it looks, so for this spring party I made a vanilla cake with lemon curd and buttercream filling. I've always loved this one lemon curd cake at Nordstrom cafe (if you've tried it you know how good it is!) so I decided to try making it myself! The cake is 5 layers (using 3 6in x 3in cake pans) I've shared the recipe down below!
I added some lovely Easter accents like this adorable chocolate bunny in a jar surrounded by robins eggs, these super cute plate and napkins and of course lots of easter candy, fresh blooms and light pink balloons. 

Here are a few of my tips for sticking to this pastel theme and creating a seamless dessert table!

  1. When buying Easter candy make sure you get candy that is truly pastel. For example, the Robins Egg brand robin's egg are actually quite bright so I opted for the Cadbury brand robin's eggs that are more pastel.
  2. Mix and match different pastel colors to tie your theme together. Ex: I chose pink plates but light turquoise straws.
  3. A dessert table filled with goodies always looked more pleasing than one with minimal sweets. I know this seems obvious but if you're like me and want to make all the desserts yourself it can be quite overwhelming and you may end up with less sweets on display because baking 5 desserts seems a bit too much. My advice is to make one or two of the dessert dishes yourself and buy the rest store-bought. Some things, like this easter bunny cake really have to be home made and since it takes a lot of time and effort to make I knew I wouldn't have time to make another dessert like macarons. Luckily, Trader Joes sells delicious macarons in their frozen section!

Lemon Curd Vanilla Cake Recipe:

1. Make two boxes of Vanilla Cake mix as directed in three 6in x 3in cake pans. After cooling cakes, remove from pans, wrap in plastic wrap and freeze for about 1 hour. Then remove cakes from freezing and cup of domes, and cut each layer in half.

2. Make Lemon Curd, recipe can be found here (I've tried a few recipes and this one works best for me)
3. After lemon curd has set, this could take a couple of hours, make Vanilla buttercream, recipe can be found here (tip: for truly white frosting use clear vanilla extract)
4. Assemble cake alternating filling the layers with buttercream and lemon curd. 
5. Frost cake and add eyelashes and nose. 
6. Lastly, add bunny ears and fresh flowers

All About the Velour

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Velour is coming back in style and I'm SO ready for it. I used to be obsessed with juicy couture velour track suits back in the day, as I'm sure everyone and their mother was, and now that velour is on trend again, I'm finding new ways to incorporate it into my style. 

While I loved those Juicy tracksuits, I don't think velour sweatpants with a bedazzled butt are quite my style anymore. To add some velour into my current wardrobe, I've sought out and more minimal neutral colored pieces. My favorite velour piece of the moment are these blush velour runner's shorts from topshop. They come in a variety of super cute colors not to mention they are super comfy and reasonably priced! I love pairing them with all white and of course a pair of blush sunnies to match. I've linked a few of my other favorite velour pieces of the moment below! 

Favorite Tech Accessories

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Marble Phone Case: Madotta // Laptop Case: Kate Spade // iPhone Fan: Paper Source
Today I wanted to share some of my favorite tech accessories with you guys! Some of these accessories are more decorative and some are more functional. I've discovered theses accessories and gadgets over the last couple of years and wanted to share them with you guys so you can get the most out of your technology!

My favorite tech accessory has to be my pink marble phone case from Madotta! I love all the incredibly unique marble phone cases Madonna carries, but of course the pink marble is my all time favorite! You can check out their selection here.

With any valuable piece of technology, you want to be sure you keep it safe and in turn have a case to store it in. When I got my new Macbook Pro this last Christmas, I wanted a case that was going to be functional in protecting it but I honesty also wanted something cute. My mom actually give me this adorable Kate Spade laptop case and it couldn't be more my style! Not to mention it's fully cushioned and will keep my laptop out of harm's way.

Now as far as phone gadget's go, I'm obsessed with this little fan from Paper Source that plugs into the charging port of my phone! I get overheated easily and I don't exactly have an electric fan with me at all times so this tiny fan that requires no charging and can just be snapped into my phone couldn't be more perfect for hot days traveling, at the beach or just running errands on a warm day here in San Diego (which is seriously most of the year).