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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

When I discover a new product that I truly love, I want to share it with others because in the vast array of beauty products, it can be difficult to find what works for you. Today I'm sharing a face mask, face primer and perfume that I have fallen in love with. I've tested each of these products over at least a few weeks time and they have proven to keep me hooked!

I first tried the Fresh Rose Face Mask back in September when it was the birthday gift at Sephora and I used it every night, noticing quite a difference in my skin once I had finished the jar. I have extremely sensitive skin that is acne prone and can also get dry from using acne spot treatments. This mask not only completely hydrated my skin, it made me face feel incredibly smooth and evened out my redness! FYI: This mask is included in the Sephora 500 pt reward right now along with a few other products from their line!

I've heard great things about Milk's Blur Stick and had to give it a try for myself. I honestly have not once found a primer that I liked. They either make my makeup cakey, make me break out or don't really do much at all. I'm a tough critic when it comes to primers but I can honestly say the blur stick is a wonderful face primer! It has only natural ingredients, completely blurs out my pores, fine lines and helps even any redness or discoloration and my makeup seriously stays flawless all day! 

Lastly, I wanted to share one of my favorite perfumes Noble Carnation from Royal Apothic. My sister and I both love this scent that we discovered a few years ago at Anthropologie. I'm very picky when it comes to perfumes, I like a vanilla-y scent and if it has any floral notes I don't like them to be too overpowering. I also don't like smelling overly perfumed. This perfume combines it's notes just right to create a unique and intoxicating scent! It's made up of classic Carnation and Black Currant, and has middle notes of Spicy Marigold, Clove and Violet Leaf over a base of Sandalwood, Cedarwood and a hint of Oriental Musk.

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