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Friday, March 31, 2017

Birdrock, La Jolla

T-shirt: Target // Leggings: Lululemon // Flannel: Abercrombie // Boots: Ugg
I see so many gorgeous outfits posted by other bloggers and influencers on Instagram, their blogs and on Pinterest. The thing is, all of these outfits are stunning yet for the most part, not applicable to most viewer's daily wardrobe. Don't get me wrong I LOVE a gorgeous dressy or designer outfit but the majority of my days (and I'm sure many other reader's days) are spent in more casual or comfy outfits. That's why I wanted to share one of my go-to outfits for a day out and about!

I'm a huge fan of wearing leggings (my favorite are these high waisted Lululemon pair) but if I'm going to be wearing them out and about, I like to pair it with a piece that will spice up the outfit a bit so what I'm wearing won't look so much like gym wear. My favorite way to achieve this is by tying a cute flannel around my waist! This is also a little "hack" I like to use if I want to wear a shorter shirt with leggings, the flannel can cover a a bit more area in the front and back. And of course I love throwing on my favorite little chukka boots from Ugg to finish off the look!

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