Life Through Rose Tinted Glasses

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Left Photo: Quay 'Jetlag' // Right Photo: Quay 'Cherry Bomb'
I've been a long time lover of blush tinted sunglasses and I've owned pairs from different brands and from all different price ranges. Many brands sell maybe one or two styles that feature a rose-tinted lens but my favorite brand, Quay Australia has the largest variety of blush lens sunnies I've ever seen.

Quay is known for their oversized sunglasses and for collaborating with up and coming bloggers, style icons and makeup gurus. They release new styles of sunglasses all the time so there's always a new pair that I have my eye on! My favorites from Quay are the Cherry Bomb style, which has both blush lenses and a blush frame, and the Jetlag style from a collaboration with makeup guru Chrisspy. My favorite thing about these sunglasses is the price, they are all priced at $60 or under! I've linked my two favorite styles below along with some of Quay's other rosy-hued sunnies for any of you who are looking for the perfect blush shades.

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  1. Such cute sunnies! xx, Erin -