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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

favorite best bellami hair extensions piccolina 18in sugarly beauty
 I know a lot of people struggle with having thin hair, damaged hair or hair that just won't grow and I know just how frustrating it can be. My hair is naturally very fine and is also very resistant to growing. I discovered clip-in hair extensions a few years ago and to this day, I still wear clip-ins every single day. They take my hair from thin and wispy to thick and voluminous in a matter of minutes. 
favorite best bellami hair extensions piccolina 18in sugarly beauty
Two years ago I tried clip-in hair extensions for the first time. I ordered from a brand online that was a bit less expensive than other brands. Since I was just going for extra volume, I cut the extensions to my exact hair length. My hair did look thicker than usual but theses extensions wore out pretty fast and it wasn't too noticeable of a difference from my natural hair. However, the next pair of hair extensions I ordered were from Bellami, and boy were they a huge improvement! I had seen some of favorite beauty gurus wearing Bellami hair extensions and had heard they were the top of the line brand to wear. I cut these extensions to just slightly longer than my natural hair length and the volume it added was unbelievable! Theses extensions added about three times the volume than my previous set did. People couldn't tell I had hair extensions in but I was getting compliments all the time on how amazing my hair looked! 
favorite best bellami hair extensions piccolina 18in sugarly beauty
I'm wearing the Bellami 18in Piccolina Set (custom colored) To see all of their extensions options visit
I recently decided I wanted to wear longer extensions and ordered the 18in Piccolina set from Bellami, and this time I left them the full length. I applied them the same way I applied the shorter extensions and my hair blended into the longer extensions seamlessly! I never thought I could wear longer extensions without them tugging on my hair all day without or being noticeable, but these truly look so natural and I can't feel a thing when I have them in. Compared to the other hair extensions brands I've tried, Bellami extensions are by far the thickest from top to bottom and the longest lasting. If you're looking to get extensions for a longer look or even just more volume without the added length, I highly recommend getting them from Bellami.

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