Candy Buffet

Friday, August 26, 2016

How to Assemble a Candy Buffet

When throwing a party I find that a candy buffet is always a success! This is a basic how-to on setting up a candy buffet. You can alter the buffet to fit your party's theme. 

1. The first thing you want to do is set up your buffet against a wall so that you can use a backdrop or create one yourself by hanging a banner, garland or tassels behind it. (I like to you a combination of these in order to create a focal point)

2. Next you want to pick a simple tablecloth. White works for every occasion but if you prefer, you can pick a color that matches your theme or a table runner to spice up the tablecloth!

3. I love adding tassels to the front of my buffet that match my theme. I also like using flag banners that go with the party's theme.

4. One of the most important things in a candy buffet is creating height. You want the pieces in the back to be the tallest (this is where you would use bulk candy) and gradually get shorter towards the front. I like using crates to add height and using taller candy like giant lollipops towards the back.

5. You want to include finger foods or foods that have the most detail (like cookies or cupcakes) towards the front.

6. I like to add a few "out of the box" elements to my candy buffet such as old fashioned coca-colas or kettle corn in classic popcorn containers. Depending on your theme, pick one or two items that you wouldn't think of as "strictly candy" but rather as "sweet things". This really takes your candy buffet to the next level.

7. Include cute utensils, plates or straws that match your theme. You can be creative when picking containers to hold them (ex I used a mason jar mug to hold my straws)
Cheers Balloon sign: Amazon // Side tassels: Target (I combined the gold tassels with the pink & orange tassels) // Tassels on front of table: Target // Crates: Walmart // Glass Jars: Ikea (similar) // Lollipops: Whirly Pop // Blush Cups: Oh Happy Day // Popcorn Boxes: Party City // Milk Bottles: Bed Bath & Beyond // Paper Straws: Party City // Candy Glasses: Ikea

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  1. Such a gorgeous set up! I love it!!


    Tamara -

  2. This is seriously too cute. What a great idea! Mind if I steal it? :)

    x, Tyler |

    1. Thanks! of course you can! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about putting it together! :)